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Twitch Viewer Bot – Warning Twitch Is Going to BAN you!

Are your looking to grow your twitch account fast with alot of followers and views then there might be chances you have seen catchy advertisements for purchasing twitch viewer bot or they offer you to download Twitch viewer bot free of cost.
Do not buy any of them OR ELSE you will get your twitch account in deep trouble. Read Complete Article
These catchy ads promise to get you ultimate lost of twitch followers which finally increase rate of twitch viewers and more money when you stream video games.
Don’t you think its too good to be true? Yes they are . You might be thinking to use one of the twitch follower bot and twitch viewer bot but keep in mind the consequences of suspension. Its not complying twitch policies and if you found caught then your account will be shut down.
Now a days Twitch follower bot and twitch viewer bot is quite popular way to get twitch followers and views to your twitch streaming feed.
These bots are in market because it takes alot of time to acquire twitch views using organic methods.
Now if you want to engage good amount of viewers organically as you need conversations and then make community of interested people so they can support each other, requires good number of hours per day consistently to stream your feed.
On the other hand with twitch view bot you are not bound to do all the above practices.
These bots are programmed to engage people in conversations , comment and reply without lifting a finger from your side.
You could have different options like follow frequency , comment frequency , language etc. But after all these are bots so they cant act naturally like a human so their response are very robotic which can be identified between normal person response.

Types Of Twitch Bots:

Mainly two types of bots are more popular in Twitch oriented people.
  • Twitch Viewer Bot :

                      Its used to place bots viewing your channel consistently using many IP’s.
  • Twitch Follower Bot:

                      It increases followers on your channel fast, and i mean real fast. (Not a good thing)
  • Twitch Chat bot:

                      It engage your followers and streams with pre-defined phrases and responses.
All of above bots make your channel look like a successful one but in reality they are raising the red flags on your channel. there are free twitch viewer bots as well as paid. Also there are some of them that are free viewer bot no download.

Does Twitch have viewer bots?

Many people will tell you that twitch have such bots but that’s totally wrong. Twitch completely deny such activities and do not own any of such automation. Its actually faking things up for making more money which is definitely cheating.

Can you get banned for Viewbotting twitch?

When you look into this matter from the surface , it looks like an innocent automation. but if you look deep into it then you can easily analyze that its actually manipulation of the views and followers that are not even real. Does it sounds like a good idea? absolutely not.
On the Twitch officially outlines , any one who use bots is actually a potential loss to company and misleading to users and will lead to suspension or complete shutdown.
They states that there are certain algorithms and fire walls for twitch viewer bot detector that actually detect and stops such bot activities. however they say that each bot use case will be viewed individually due to different impacts on system.
So if you want to use twitch bots for getting followers and views then need to think twice before risking your account and money into it.

Can you buy twitch views?

Now the question arise if you cant use bots then is there any other way to promote your channel for more twitch viewers . In short YES there is.
It may seems to be a bit lengthy but can get you quite good results . Here are a few steps:
  1. Find other twitch streamers those you can follow.
  2. Find an interesting niche
  3. Make a schedule to follow so you stream on the same time each day.
  4. If you wanted to be followed then recommend others and they will do the same.
  5. Try to engage with other streamers , they will come to know you.
Now all these tips are the best practices to gain more followers free on twitch. There are more steps to them like for example for point # 3 you can start streaming at 5 PM till 9PM regularly so people will come to know you are on time regular streamer .
Just like that for point 1 you can find twitch lovers in your friends and family that can follow you. This is actually a good method to find more followers in less time.
Unfortunately, free methods stated above are quite time consuming so lets move on to a quick method.

Purchasing Real Twitch Views and Follows online:

Rather than spending alot of time to follow , engage and recommend what you can do is to purchase real twitch followers online . They are basically real twitch users and use their devices to view and follow you for a certain amount of time depending on your package price.
Now you would say that isn’t it against twitch policies? No its not 🙂
if users are real people then it do not fall into fake or bot views category which means we are good to go.
There are such view providers out on internet. They have real people joined them to view and follow the provided twitch accounts. Generally they require a specific account to follow without any switch. If any of the follower, follow you in a certain amount of time then the provider provide you reimbursement or make up the follows as promised.

Any Best Place to Follow Twitch followers and twitch views?

Fortunately we have solved this issue here on You can buy real views and follows quickly using our service.
The process works like this : you contact us with you channel link and required followers views
We divert our data of users to that channel and they start doing the JOB. We have a number of clients using the service successfully with millions of views and followers. Our main goal is to keep it clean and legal.
What are you waiting for? Contact Us today and shine in your twitch career while having fun.

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