PS4 Remote Play App

PS4 Remote Play App

PS4 Remote Play App is one of the really cool features that came along with the “next-gen” consoles. To make this remote play App work, you’ll need a PlayStation 4 console, a DualShock 3 or 4 controller and a Sony Xperia device. Having the means to attach your phone to your controller can also make the experience a lot more enjoyable but isn’t required.

Once you have all that, simply download the app and run it. The app provides access to your PS4 so that you don’t even need the TV on or for it to be connected at all. Streaming is done via local Wi-Fi. Internet-based streaming is possible but won’t be practical in most cases. This approach can add input lag as well as cap the frames per second achievable. This won’t be an issue with many games but can really dampen the experience with some games, so some trial and error will definitely be required.

The app will only work with a Sony Xperia-branded smartphone or tablet. This is a shame in the sense that this isn’t a technical limitation as far as we’re aware. Sony may have done it to increase Xperia sales among PS4 owners. That’s certainly understandable to a degree, but it’s in contrast with the marketing message for the PS4 that’s been in place as far back as its E3 introduction. That issue aside, this is a great app that will let you enjoy games in bed and can really come in handy when someone else wants the TV.

Features PS4 Remote Play App:

  • Root Check/APK Signature Check Disabled.
  • Connection Speed Check Removed.
  • Wifi Check Removed.
  • XML/JAR Dependencies Removed.
  • Downgraded Minimum Required SDK to 4.0.
  • Native controller Support for Dualshock and Nvidia Shield (Beta) – Dualshock Instructions below.


  • Android 4.0+


  1. Download APK.
  2. Copy to the device and install or use the adb command “adb install <apk>” from your PC.
  3. Done!

DualShock Bluetooth Setup Instructions:

  1. Download and Install Sixaxis controller
  2. Follow in-app instructions for pairing your controller.
  3. In the Sixaxis app preferences ensure ‘Enable Gamepad’ is checked under ‘Gamepad Settings’
  4. Edit mappings in the Sixaxis app so that x = A, circle = B, square = X, triangle = Y
  5. Load up remote play app and play!

Known Issues:
When using a controller some of the buttons may be mapped incorrectly

If you still have problems with the DS4 try this

Create a Secondary PSN Account on your PS4 and log in.
Sing into the Remote Play App with the Secondary PSN Account.
In the Remote Play, App goes to Settings > Change PS4 to Connect To.
When Connecting via the Internet click on Skip and use the code in PS4 > Remote Play Connection Setting > Add Device(Still on you Secondary PSN Account)
Once connected, disconnect.
Now in your PS4 sing out of your Secondary PSN Account and sing into your Primary PSN Account.
Go back to the Remote Play App and sing out of your Secondary PSN Account and sign in to your Primary PSN Account.
In the Main Remote Play App Screen tap on Next to connect.
Done!!! Have fun!!


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