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How to Copy and Paste on Laptop

How to Copy and Paste on Laptop Step By Step

How to Copy and Paste on laptop sometimes can be tricky specially when you are working on different programs like MS word and excel . Also you need to know shortcut keys to perform your task pretty fast.

You can work with laptop touch pad or can also connect a mouse for easy process. Either way its the same thing , touch pad on laptop works same as the mouse left and right click.

How to Copy and Paste on laptop

How to Copy and Paste on laptop Steps:

Selecting Text Step 1:

Put the courser at the start of the text or image you want to copy using touch pad

Highlight Text Step 2:

First Press and then hold the left control (Ctrl) button which is below the touchpad, then by guiding your finger over the touchpad and highlight  or mage you want to copy, it will be highlighted normally in blue.

Preparing to copy Step 3:

Release your left control button now.

Copying Step 4:

How to Copy and Paste on laptop

Now you need to Press the right (CTRL) control button & then use the touch pad to “Copy” from the dropdown menu showed at the screen.

Pasting Step 5:

Place your courser over a blank space where actually you wanted to paste the text , then press right touchpad key and on Laptop select “Paste” from the dropdown menu.

  • Tip: You can also paste your text in provided clipboard as many times as you want until there is something else stored in it. you can easily copy and paste stuff to another program if its copied to your clipboard.
  • Tip: Its better to use Shortcut keys like “shortcut for select all” Ctrl+A” to make work easy.

These were very simple 5 steps on how to Copy and Paste on laptop , now keep practicing.

now you may ask how to copy and paste on keyboard? well you need to follow same steps as shown above. Just replace Touchpad with Mouse and you are good to go.

Soon we are going to write on how to copy and paste on android and how to copy and paste on chrome book so stay tuned.

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