Fake GPS apk

Fake GPS apk

It is one of the best and funny apps that anyone can use this app for the prank with your friends. Thus the  Fake GPS apk download app helps your device to function with the fake place. Once your friend or any other call you means it will show your place on their device with false areas. It is said to be the best prank application. It has the millions of fans who downloaded this app to use at any time from anywhere. This fantastic app is set up the fake location on your mobile so that every other app on your Smartphone device will track your address as you saved fake site already with the help of Fake GPS.

Features of  Fake GPS apk


  • Users can add any of the locations
  • It consumes only less memory
  • It supports all the Android versions as well as the Marshmallow
  • A user can also hide the icon
  • The application is also available in English, Japanese and German.


Fake GPS Joystick apk 

Fake GPS joystick apk is a brilliant application for the users to use. People can download the app from wherever they want. It is amazing that using the joysticks at real-time games and makes your friends fool. On the other side, the users can also customize the theme colors according to their interest. When compared to the other fake location applications in the Google store, this app plays the better game regarding experience. Thus the joystick option makes you change the locations wherever immediately. It is the easy task to handle the settings of this application. There is also an option called Game mode, and it will help you to set the locations fake for the games. Thus the rooting is not required while playing the game.


Developer options tool apk

Thus the developer option tool will play the major role once it will be installed on your device. For example, if the vast number of applications will be downloaded on your device will make your device very slow. To explain this issue, the user can download the app called Developer Options tool apk. It will help your device to work fast and save your internet data on time instead of wasting the data. This fantastic app is free of cost to use.


What’s New:

  • Newer:
  • Improved joystick appearance and usability.
  • Improved memory management and clean up.
  • Older:
  • Added new Favorites & History features.
  • Improved user interface and navigation.



General Usage
1. Tap the map once at your desired location and then click the “Play” button to start spoofing.
2. For best results set Location mode to DEVICE ONLY and disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth scanning.

Many additional features such as
– Customizable GPS parameters.
– Support for rooted device & mock location disabled.
– Simulated walking mode



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